Along a western steelhead river. Photo by Kevin Hospodar

The South Lima Steelhead Society

You've never been to South Lima. Hardly anyone has. It's a destination for potatoes and mosquitoes and not much else. A tiny bump on a rural road in western New York, with less than 250 inhabitants, some of them wonderful friends. It's about the last place you'd expect a steelheader to live. But I did, for 22 years. It was not intentional, just the way life worked out. But there wasn't a day spent living there that steelhead didn't wander through my mind.

I'm a child of the Pacific Northwest, and a few years ago, my adult children gave me their blessing to return. So here I am, a native son, migrated back home. Not unlike my beloved steelhead, and the rivers to which they return. They still wander through my mind daily, but now through my everyday life as well. Well, the idea of them. The search for them.

There are a few other things I love to do as much as explore rivers and swing flies for steelhead, and drawing and painting are primary amongst them. I draw and paint a lot of other things, and that work can be found here: But here, at the South Lima Steelhead Society, it's about my fishing, rivers, and fun.


Photo by Kevin Hospodar