Tarpon/snook bug

Saltwater Hook

Thread: To match Fly color

Tail: Zonker strip, tied in with fur side down

Support: 20lb Mason hard mono, tied in on top of strip tie in, looped back, under and around zonker strip, then tied back on top of hook parallel to original tie in. Loop should be open, extending to just short of the hook bend.

Hackle: Two wraps of marabou, followed by a few wraps of brushed fox spun in a dubbing loop.

Eye: Stainless steel bead chain painted black

Collar: Polar ice dubbing or similar, spun loosely in a dubbing loop, brushed out and wrapped forward. Figure 8 wrap around eyes, then tie off. Brush out the dubbing to create maned collar . Trim shorter around eyes.

Weed Guard: 20lb Mason hard mono