Starling and Olive

Hook: Favorite wet fly hook

Thread: Olive

Hackle: Starling

Attach thread at midpoint of hook, wrap back to hook point, back forward to 1/4 length of shank behind eye, then wrap back again to point above the barb, then return to front  of wraps. If care is taken to keep the thread laying down flat (by occasionally counter-spinning the bobbin), a smooth body will result. At this point I whip finish,  then coat the thread body with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails. I usually tie up several bodies, give to coats of Sally’s and let them dry.

Select a hackle with barbules approx. 1 1/2 time hook gap. Reattach the thread at front of the body, then wrap forward, leaving just enough room behind the eye to wrap off the head. Tie the hackle in by the butt, then wrap thread back to the front of the body. Make two tight wraps of hackle, then palmer two more back to the thread. Tie down the hackle with two wraps, then wobble-wrap the thread forward through the wrapped hackle, reenforcing the stem. When the thread emerges at the front of the hackle, make a quick whip finish and cut thread. Clip the hackle tip, and  couple coats of Sally’s on the head, and your done.